To ensure the recognition of the role and contribution of universities to
the success of the cities conferred the title “European Capital of Culture”,
to provide the member universities with a possibility of continuous and
full participation in the European Capitals of Culture movement, and
to foster inter-university cooperation to develop and reshape the
universities' regional positions to create new activities for cities
and universities.
The University of Pannonia in Veszprém, Hungary, European Capital of
Culture 2023 has been hosting the UNeECC Secretariat since 2021 March.
The Secretariat is responsible for the communication and coordination
between the members, administration, maintenance of the website
and social media platforms. It works closely together with the Board,
helps implementing the UNeECC strategy, prepares regular meetings,
and sends out information and newsletters to members.
Relive our webinar titled UniverCities and Culture on 17 November 2021!

UNeECC & UNICA Joint Webinar series
First webinar: Culture and Digitalization

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UNeECC University Members

University of the Month

Veszprém, Hungary Veszprém, Hungary University of Pannonia

University of Pannonia hosts the Secretariat of UNeECC

University of Pannonia offers internationally recognized education at four faculties and three knowledge centers in addition to its headquarters, and continues to cultivate the most modern fields of science through its doctoral schools. Veszprém, where the main campus is seated, has won the title European Capital of Culture 2023 programme. Campuses can be also found in Kőszeg, Nagykanizsa and Zalaegerszeg. International applicants have the opportunity to study at our University with the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship programme.

Dr. András Gelencsér Rector is welcoming the UNeECC Secretariat

Hosting the UNeECC Secretariat as an internationally recognized university seated in a prospective “European Capital of Culture” is an unrivalled opportunity that happens only once in every 20 thousand years. Accordingly, University of Pannonia holds this title in high esteem, and is deeply committed to coordinate diverse activities that build bridges between universities of different countries sharing the defining experience of being part of this future-shaping initiative.