The announcement that Galway was to be awarded the designation of European Capital of Culture for 2020 (together with Rijeka in Croatia) was greeted with excitement and enthusiasm in the city – and especially in its university, National University of Ireland, Galway. The University Network of European Capitals of Culture has supplied the opportunity to reflect upon the relationship between Capitals of Culture and universities – and it has also deepened that relationship, providing a forum to consider how Capitals of Culture can transform cities and the people living in them.

In place of the annual University Network of European Capitals of Culture conference, we invited interdisciplinary contributions to an online special issue that would include written and audio-visual contributions from a variety of fields. This online special issue edited by Catherine Morris and Patrick Lonergan is an opportunity for us to learn more about how the Capitals of Culture in Ireland and Croatia have adapted their programmes and to understand better the pan-European responses to the impact of the pandemic on artists, cultural workers, local communities, and universities. Our aim is to define and examine how the global pandemic effected European cities, culture, and education. What future for our cities and our lives can we collectively envisage?

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