The main focus of the conference is to connect the critical assessment of cultural values with structural characteristics of the place where such values are settled.

Key concepts that will be marked by scientific debate within an interdisciplinary framework where a.o. social sciences, performing arts and anthropology, positively interact with environmental science, engineering and terrotorial sciences :

  • ‘Open Future’ : Opportunities to create an open culture, ‘accessible to all’, not obscured by prejudiced thoughts and sensibilities,  ‘available to dialogue’.
  • ‘Living Spaces’ : How cultural policies are connected with changes in spaces and also with the impact on people who take part in events (or not), improving citizens’ and visitors’ expectations, human dwellings and public well-being.
  • Cultural Mission : How to stimulate awareness of cultural identity in individuals, in peripheral communities, in fragile territories.
  • Cultural Heritage and Natural Phenomena : Territorial resilience and regional planning, ecosystem services and innovative territorial transformations, proposals for safeguard and mitigation risk in cultural areas.

Challenging boxes to fill in with interdisciplinary arguments :

  • Utopias and Dystopias
  • Fragilities (social, urban, territorial)
  • Cultural econimies, urban spaces and social innovation
  • Creative and innovative industries and social responsability
  • Cultural extroversion : from shame to pride
  • Food-scape and e-food planning
  • ECoC success stories
  • Cultural heritage and natural risk