The University Network of the European Capitals of Culture (UNeECC), was founded in Pécs Hungary in December 2006, by 15 founding members.



The creation of UNeECC originates from the idea that it would be useful for Universities and establishments of Higher Education based in European Capitals of Culture to use this well known and prestigious European institution to stimulate new forms of academic  institutional collaboration.


The general aim of UNeECC is:

  • to ensure the recognition of the role and contribution of universities to the success of the cities conferred the title "European Capital of Culture" 
  • to provide the member universities with a possibility of a continuous and full participation in the European Capitals of Culture movement enhanced by "Universities of the Year"
  • to foster inter-university cooperation to develop and reshape the universities regional position to create new activities for city and university collaboration

UNeECC invites memberships in three different categories:

    • Full membership: from cities of the European Capitals of Culture
    • Associate membership: from applicant cities
    • Supportive membership: all others including cities and cultural organizations with parallel interests

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 Address from the President


presidentDear Visitor,

Welcome to the website of UNeECC, the University Network of the European Capitals of Culture.
UNeECC is a unique academic network since its member universities are all located in cities which have been, are or will be European Capitals of Culture. As such, UNeECC not only aspires to stimulate regular academic cooperation, i.e. education and research, between its members, but also aims at developing and reshaping the universities' regional position. UNeECC wants to foster collaboration between cities and universities and is convinced that together 'town' and 'gown' will contribute to the success of the European Capitals of Culture.


Since its creation in 2006 our network has known a considerable growth and now comprises almost 50 member universities from 20 countries. Moreover we are proud of the ‘European mix’ UNeECC represents: member universities come form both ‘old’ and ‘new’ EU Member States; among them are institutions with a long-standing tradition as well as recently founded universities. They all share a true vocation in the development of a more outspoken European dimension in their research and education and the engagement to join forces with local authorities to strengthen the impact of the European Capitals of Culture by giving academic support to the preparation and organization of the programmes, initiating additional events aimed at specific audiences and providing a scientific follow-up.


UNeECC does not restrict itself to advocacy of the European cultural cause, but actively participates in it through conferences, lectures series, student activities, research dating and active interdisciplinary networking.  ‘Thinking European and acting regional’ is a UNeECC-ly added academic value we can offer since it emanates from our cultural diversity, interchange of ideas, international collaboration, and our thirst for new challenges and opportunities. We invite all our colleague universities in past, present and future European Capitals of Culture to join our network and share their experience and aspirations with us.
Looking forward to meeting you at one of our activities, especially our Annual Conference.


Prof. dr. Flora Carrijn

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