Flora CarrijnFull name: Flora Carrijn

Academic title: Prof. dr.

Institution/Organization: University of Leuven (KU Leuven)

Current role/position: Provost / Academic director KU Leuven and Managing director Flanders Business School

City: Antwerpen / Leuven

Country: Flanders Belgium

William ChambersFull name: William John Chambers

Academic title: Pro Vice Chancellor Emeritus

Institution/Organization: Liverpool Hope University

Current role/position: Pro Vice-Chancellor Emeritus

City: Liverpool

Country: United Kingdom

KomlósiLászlóFull name: László Imre Komlósi

Academic title: Prof. dr., Dr. h.c.

Institution/Organization: Széchenyi István University

Current role/position: President’s Envoy in International Cooperation, Director of the Doctoral Program in Transdisciplinarity and Business Administration

City: Győr

Country: Hungary

Kővári Edit

Full name: Dr. Edit Kővári

Academic title: associate professor

Institution/Organization: University of Pannonia

Current role/position: University of Pannonia representative of European Capital of Culture

City: Veszprém

Country: Hungary