Academic roles: Dr. Edit Kővári is an associate professor at the University of Pannonia Faculty of Business and Economics. Her Ph.D. thesis which was completed at the University of Derby Business School focusing on hotel managers' emotional intelligence and its relation to task and contextual performance within organisational culture. She also wrote several books and articles, took part in various national and international projects as a professional expert. In 2015 she founded the Faculty's mentor program (Pannon Pentor Program) for Hungarian and international students. Apart from being a professor, she is a practising coach and trainer of emotional intelligence, communication and resilience. She also works with Hungarian settlements' decision-makers and influencers to develop liveable city environments. Edit was presentation member for European Capital of Culture (ECOC) bid for Veszprém 2023 and after winning the title she became the University of Pannonia representative of ECOC and the Secretariat of the University Network of European Capital of Culture (UNeECC).

Contribution to/engagement with UNeECC: Secretary

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Mobile number: +36 30 169 2021