• Annual General Meeting of the members at the Annual Conference
  • Board of trustees = act as Steering Committee
    • 6 Full members (mandated representatives of university members)

              - including President and 2 Vice-Presidents

                                      Flora Carrijn

                                      William Chambers

                                      László Komlósi

                             -  Founding members

                                     Angela O’Neill

                                     François Carbon

                             -  Previous Annual Conference organizers

                                    Kamila Kaminska-Sztark

                                    Carmel Cassar

                            - all mandates 3 years, twice renewable

                            - with active responsibility as chairs of committees or conference organizers

                            - group equilibrium (region, discipline, gender, skills,…)

                            - ex officio : rector of university hosting Secretariat

                                     András Gelencsér (Rector of University of Pannonia, Veszprém)

                           - General Secretary

                                    Edit Kővári

                           - 3 Varying coopted members

                                    Organizer past Annual Conference (x-1)

                                             Catherine Morris

                                             Patrick Lonergan

                                    Organizer present Annual Conference (x)

                                    Organizer next Annual Conference (x+1)

                          - Invited members

                                     Possible organizer(s) AC (X+2, 3…)

                                     Scientific Committee

                                              Ovidiu Matiu

                                              Glen Faruggia

                          - External experts

                                               Kristina Jacobsen (The Board suggests FC can contact Kristina Jacobsen to join as an invited expert.)

Executive Committee (for operational follow-up)

                         - President

                         - 2 Vice-Presidents

                         - General Secretary

Advisory Senate

All former (full, coopted and invited) board members are part of the Advisory Senate and are welcomed at the Annual Conference for an update on UNeECC . They are invited to connect (the Grace and the Good) and stimulate the inspiration and the work of their successors.