gtk pannonUniversity of Pannonia offers internationally recognized education at four faculties and three knowledge centers in addition to its headquarters, and continues to cultivate the most modern fields of science through its doctoral schools. Veszprém, where the main campus is seated, has won the title European Capital of Culture 2023 programme. Campuses can be also found in Kőszeg, Nagykanizsa and Zalaegerszeg. International applicants have the opportunity to study at our University with the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship programme.

University of Pannonia - Level U.P.!:

Due to the talent management and having a background of a strong scientific research institution, the university essentially functions as a research center in several disciplines. At national level, our university possesses the 7th place on the list of the international institutional research ranking of excellence ’Ranking WEB of Universities’.

One of the defining elements of University of Pannonia is the collaborative research projects conducted in strategic partnerships with the actors of economic life. The most prime example of these, is the Institute of Petroleum and Coal Technology, established together with MOL in 2009, and the “Sustainability Based on Circular Economy Competence Center”, launched in 2020 in collaboration with MOL and Hidrofilt Kft.

The focus areas of the R & D & I activities of University of Pannonia are the most pressing social challenges of our time - solving problems related to climate change and environmental pollution, and creating technologies that enable sustainable development. The related R & D & I activities at the
university are the following:

• ecology
• materials science
• air quality
• water treatment technologies
• bio- and nanotechnology
• environmentally friendly motor fuels and propulsion methods
• low-waste technologies
• advanced structural materials and catalysts
• green chemistry
• research and development of process-development and data science technologies underpinning Industry 4.0 solutions.

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