CALL FOR CONFERENCE 2024The UNeECC cordially invites you to its next annual conference in Timisoara titled Impact and Legacy of the EcoC Program, hosted by the Alliance of Timisoara Universities, Timisoara (Romania), on 9-12 October 2024. 


  1. Assessing community building and public participation in ECoC cities

This track focuses on how increasing the citizens' sense of belonging to a common cultural area influences the dynamics of a city, especially in neighborhoods and areas not typically associated to the cultural phenomena. The track invites contributions that address community building, assessment of initiatives encouraging public participation, or any other forms of citizen engagement observed and strengthened as a direct result of the ECOC year

  1. Art and technology - new forms of cultural expressions (UPT):

This track focuses on the contemporary trend in creating and promoting cultural production and consumption, which is intrinsically tied to the digital and technological extensions of human beings. The track invites contributions that deal with (but are not restricted to):

  • reinterpretation and/or promotion of cultural products with (new) technological devices and channels;
  • wearable technologies in visiting “classical” cultural sites: cities, museums, exhibitions etc.
  • new means of cultural expressions, using (new) technology to create art
  • the role of mixed teams artists-engineers (technology experts) in the production, promotion and ensuring the sustainable existence of the new forms of art
  1. Impact of culture for the future of urban services

Culture deeply influences the future of urban services, being an active factor of social cohesion and inclusion, economic development, and transformation acceleration. Contributions that tackle healthcare, education, urban planning, environmental protection, and recreational activities from multiple perspectives are welcomed. They may include but are not limited to:

  • cultural beliefs and practices that influence healthcare, preferences for treatment modalities, and perceptions of health and illness.
  • cultural diversity in urban areas; inclusive and culturally responsive educational practices.
  • inclusive urban design which takes into account the needs and preferences of diverse cultural communities, including accessibility, safety, and social cohesion; participatory planning processes and collective decision-making.
  • ecological practices and biodiversity conservation in addressing social and cultural leisure activities or recreational facilities.
  1. Sustainable practices in ECoC ecosystems

The European Capital of Culture programme has always addressed the sustainability issue and encouraged eco-practices and environmentally friendly events. This track focuses on how culture can raise awareness and influence behaviour in regards to sustainable economic development, and welcomes papers on circular economy, short supply chains, eco-tourism, shared and distributed leadership in event management, asa well as any other topics covering the 2030 Agenda.


  • Call  for registration: 1 March
  • Registration and abstract submission deadline: 28 April
  • Acceptance of abstract via e-mail: 10 May
  • Conference fee payment:  7 July
  • Paper submission deadline of the selected full papers: 31 October

(the proceedings book will be scheduled by Springer or you may publish in the UNeECC proceedings Proceedings - Uneecc)


Participant from UNeECC member institution: 170 EUR

Participant from other institution: 190 EUR

Presenter from UNeECC member institution: 150 EUR

Presenter from other institution: 170 EUR

PhD student: 90 EUR for the entire conference/ 0 EUR only the pre-conference

The conference fee includes:

 All coffee and lunch breaks, gala dinner, guided sightseeing, guide to the cultural event venues, conference abstracts/proceedings (online).


REGISTRATION (until 28 April)

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We hope to see you in Timisoara, the European Capital of Culture 2023! 

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