GlenFarrugia KWe are launching a new series of interviews with members of the UNeECC Board to learn more about their everyday life and work, and their contributions to the UNECC. We interviewed Professor Dr Glen Farrugia first, who recently became a member of the UNeECC Board. Learn more about his interests, daily routine, hobbies and favourite menu, and what ECoC means to him.






1. Name:  Professor Dr Glen Farrugia

  1. Informal name: NA
  1. Family: Marouska Farrugia (wife), Sam Farrugia 4 years old (son), Ivy Farrugia 1.5 years old (daughter).
  1. University: Institute of Tourism Studies
  1. Country: Malta
  1. Role in university: Chief Operating Officer – Academia
  1. Academic background/subject: Heritage and Tourism Management
  1. What are your main research interests? Heritage, Tourism Management and Higher Education.
  1. Your own publication of which you are most proud? Farrugia G., Debattista, A. (2017) Determinants of Volunteering in the Arts and Culture Sector: A cursory study. In Proceedings of the Symposium of Cultural Participation in Malta: ACM.
  1. Hobbies: Scuba diving (when time!)
  1. Typical day: Wake up at around 6am, help my wife to prepare kids for school, take the little one to childcare and head to the office. Start work with a management briefing and proceed to the back-to-back morning meetings. I pick up my daughter from school and take her home and head back to the office where I focus on academic strategy and other operational work required to run a rather large institute. I often leave office at around 6pm (unless there are urgent matters which require immediate addressing). When home I spend some time playing with the kids before dinner – I help my wife with the dishes and prepare my son and daughter for bed. We read some stories, say the prayers and prepare for another day.
  1. Last holiday before COVID: Last family holiday before COVID was in Kamarina, Sicily; however, I did not really stop travelling due to professional and academic commitments. I remember when COVID struck China, I was in the middle of it and managed to return safely home.  
  1. Best holiday: United States road trip
  1. Favourite author and book (fiction): Kilin – L-Ghafrid (Maltese literature)
  1. Favourite author and book (non-fiction): Herbert Ganado – Rajt Malta Tinbidel (Maltese non-fiction literature)
  1. Favourite composer: Marco Beltrami
  1. Favourite pop group/singer: Coldplay
  1. Favourite song: The Scientist
  1. Favourite artist: Antonio Sciortino (Maltese Sculpture)
  1. Favourite art work: Speed
  1. Sport: Diving
  1. Perfect day: Whenever I am with my kids and my lovely wife – Due to work commitments I rarely get the opportunity to spend long hours with my family without being ‘disturbed’ – so I appreciate those days like Christmas or ester day when business shuts down completely.
  1. Three people to invite to dinner: Pope Francis, Angela Merkel, Queen Elizabeth
  1. Favourite menu (starter, main course, sweet): Spaghetti al Ragu, Duck Breast with plum sauce, Snickers Cake
  1. What does ECoC mean to You? An unique opportunity for a city to share its rich cultural assets while contemplating on how such important assets can in fact improve the life of inhabitants and those who visit it.
  1. Memory of your year when your city was ECoC: The Capital City Valletta filled with joyous people admiring and discussing the drastic cultural and infrastructural improvements in the city.
  1. Best event of year: Pageant of the Seas
  1. Value of being a member of UNeECC: UNeECC is a family where a member not only finds unique opportunities but also assistance and comfort during unprecedented situations.
  1. How would you describe yourself? Extremely motivated, kind, and ambitious lad.