BillChambersWe continue our series of interviews with members of the UNeECC Board to learn more about their everyday life and work, and their contributions to the UNECC. We interviewed Professor Dr William Chambers, Vice-President of UNeECC. Learn more about his interests, daily routine, hobbies and favourite menu, and what ECoC means to him.







  1. Name

Professor Emeritus Dr William John Chambers

  1. Informal name

Bill Chambers

  1. Family

Wife Fiona, 3 children (William, Anastasia, Christopher) and 6 grandchildren (Joe & Harry; Aria & Xanthe; Emilia & Arthur)

  1. University

Liverpool Hope University

  1. Country


  1. Role in university

Retired, formerly Pro Vice Chancellor External Relations and Widening Participation, Dean, Head of Department.

  1. Academic background/subject

A Geographer with interest in geomorphology, hydrology and urbanisation in Lima, Peru. Also initial teacher training and the socio- economic history of Liverpool.

  1. Research

Longitudinal studies of squatter settlements (barriadas) in Lima, Peru since 1965.

  1. Key publication

Chambers, B. (2005) The Barriadas of Lima, Peru: Slums of hope or despair? Problems of solutions? Geography, 90(3), pp 200-224

  1. Hobbies

Football (Season ticket holder Everton FC), all music especially classical music (Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra), travel especially in Latin America, grandchildren, gardening, walking, chair of various charities (eg Asylum Link Merseyside; The Brain Charity; Catholic Association for Racial Justice; Liverpool County Football Association Inclusion Advisory Group; Volunteer Mission Movement).

  1. Typical day

Wake 05.30, (swam before Covid) get up 06.30, breakfast, read Times newspaper, emails, meetings (online and face to face), exhibitions, concerts.

  1. Last holiday before COVID

May 2019: Driving holiday in Chile along Carretera Occidental: glaciers, mountains, fjords, islands, lakes, Santiago, Valparaiso. Turkey tour September 2019.

During Covid, driving in the Scottish uplands along Route 50 and ferry hopping the islands, Orkneys, Arran, Islay, Iona, Mull

  1. Best holiday

All! Probably Chile, Bolivia and Peru; any safari in South Africa, Namibia. But my heart is in Peru.

  1. Favourite author and book (fiction)

Hate fiction!! Fall asleep too easily!

  1. Favourite author and book (non-fiction)

Yuval Noah Harari – Sapiens and Homo Deus; Bill Bryson – All books travel, linguistics and recent; Matthew Syed who writes weekly sports column for The Times and a comment column for The Sunday Times – Rebel Ideas and Bounce.

  1. Favourite composer


  1. Favourite pop group/singer

When young Cliff Richard (!!!), Beatles, Lionel Richie

  1. Favourite song

Twist and Shout (Beatles)

  1. Favourite artist

LS Lowry

  1. Favourite art work

Any 17th century Dutch landscapes; primitives

  1. Sport

All (except rugby); Basketball (schoolboy international), played hockey until aged 70, athletics (pre drug era), football

  1. Perfect day

Kippers for breakfast, am gardening (in sun!), pm watching Everton FC win - rare!!), preconcert dinner, Liverpool Philharmonic concert (Chopin, Elgar Tchaikovsky), postconcert drinks with friends, Match of the Day, bed

  1. Three people to invite to dinner

Matthew Syed, Fiona, Bill Bryson

  1. Favourite menu (starter, main course, sweet)

Scallops, Beef Wellington, crème brulee

  1. What does ECoC mean to You?

Fun, international friends, opportunities to see beautiful cities of Europe.

  1. Memory of your year when your city was ECoC

2008: The excitement and sense of pride and community.

  1. Best event of year

Loved every event especially the small ones. The Big Hope (Liverpool Hope University’s week long world youth congress attended by over 800 delegates from 63 countries – but I’m biased.

  1. Value of being a member of UNeECC

Contact with committed and loyal friends with shared interests

  1. How would you describe yourself?

Enthusiastic and happy. I’ve been lucky!