research data landscape

Visionary Analytics, in partnership with EFIS, DCC, and DANS, is conducting a study on the European research data landscape commissioned by the European Commission's (DG RTD). It covers research data production, consumption, and depositing practices in the EU, UK, and Horizon 2020 Associated Countries.

The study aims to provide a detailed characterisation of the research data ecosystem in these countries. It will facilitate the development of more targeted policies and support actions to mainstream findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR) and open data practices by the researcher community.  A survey was launched to collect data about the researchers' data production, consumption, and depositing practices.



 There are two surveys, one aimed at researchers and the others at research data repositories. Details can be found at the links below:



"The study “European Data Landscape” is an initiative of the Directorate General for Research & Innovation of the European Commission. It aims to provide a detailed characterisation of the research data ecosystem in the European context, covering the EU Member States, Horizon 2020 Associated Countries and the United Kingdom.

It is carried out by Visionary Analytics, the European Future Innovation System Centre - EFIS, the Digital Curation Centre – DCC and the Data Archiving and Networked Services – DANS. The study will provide valuable information that will support the Commission, the EOSC Partnership1 and various other stakeholders to develop more targeted policies and implement actions to mainstream FAIR2 and open data practices in Europe.

The results of the study will be openly accessible. With this letter of support, we want to encourage researchers, providers of data services, research infrastructures, operators of research data repositories and any other potential contributor to participate in the surveys and any other actions that will help achieve the objectives of the study. The Commission is thankful for your interest and contribution to the successful implementation of the “European Research Data Landscape” study, which will hopefully provide useful insights and recommendations for the implementation of open science data policies and practices."

Kostas GLINOS Head of Unit