homeandawayAvignon Université and the University of the Central Lancashire are jointly holding an international Staff Week from May 22 to 26 in Avignon.

The objective of « Home and away: global development, internationalisation, and well-being » is to bring together higher education staff (administrative and academic staff, particularly from International Relations Offices, Erasmus coordinators, and staff involved with internationalisation) to discuss and explore the latest developments regarding global challenges impacting international development and well-being, with a focus on identifying innovative approaches and strategies to promote sustainable internationalisation and to improve quality of life. The international Staff Week aims to provide a platform for discussions, networking and collaboration opportunities, and to foster cross-cultural understanding and partnerships.

Further information and registration: https://univ-avignon.fr/home-and-away-global-development-internationalisation-and-well-being/?fbclid=IwAR0ajrKNPPrmS_LES149a5EwrgsIqPIsmlnP1XZ1OwMSwlxaTh66rvA2g4Q