Religious conflicts, migration, economic crises and climate change are all issues that have posed with renewed urgency questions of the future of our shared life on this earth. These historical constellations provide a unique opportunity not only to celebrate and commemorate, but also to critically review the legacy of the Reformation, retool the vision of the European past and future, and reconsider in this light the basic conditions of human existence.

RETHINK Reformation 2017 – International Conference at Aarhus University

The conference explores these issues throughout three days in three thematic blocks; the first day is devoted to theological and philosophical questions concerning the statuses of human, God and world, the second day focusses on sociological and political theoretical questions concerning Reformation and Modernity and the relationships between values and community. The third day reconsiders in light of current exigencies the history of European identities with special attention to the roles of Europe’s Others.