Kuleuven be KEvery month we are introducing one of the university members of UNeECC to learn more about their mission, academic activities, research fields and projects. This time we take a closer look at KU Leuven, home to Prof. Flora Carrijn, President of the UNeECC. She is the academic director  KU Leuven Antwerp Campus and Managing director of Flanders Business School.

The following short video gives an excellent overview of the university:

This is KU Leuven: introduction to Europe's most innovative university: https://youtu.be/Zsjpe0gMXsA 

We are quoting the introduction of the university by Rector Luc Sels:

" KU Leuven’s impressive credentials date back some six centuries, shaping the great minds of the past, such as Erasmus, Vesalius, Mercator and many other Lovanienses. Yet despite our formative role in Europe’s intellectual heritage, our university continues to aspire toward the visionary, building on our commitment to shaping society for the better, both today and tomorrow,

Hailed as Europe’s most innovative university, KU Leuven offers a myriad of disciplines that all proudly belong to the top 100 of their field. Scholars and researchers, teachers and visionaries, thinkers and makers all have their place in KU Leuven’s fertile intellectual habitat. Our publication record puts us at the forefront of the global conversation, where we continue to take a leading role in international research frameworks - for instance in Horizon 2020 or as part of international university platforms - such as LERU.

Many universities can claim success in one or more fields but there are few that can confidently claim world-class achievements across a range of disciplines. At KU Leuven our research is more than just knowledge capital, it is a catalyst, inspiring innovation and entrepreneurialism across the university. Tech-transfer, something KU Leuven adopted early on, has proven enormously fruitful in enabling research results to find practical uses in economic life and society. The same is true of our approach to our university hospitals; which, although maintaining operational independence, thrive on their close connection with the university, combining top-level healthcare with fundamental clinical research.

Aside from awards and rankings, KU Leuven has received recognition from private benefactors, local companies, national funding schemes, European resources and contracts with multinationals, all illustrating that the university’s achievements are very much appreciated by society at large - and let’s not forget our students: more than 50,000 of them from over 100 nationalities, from undergraduate to PhD level, all preparing their future in a truly comprehensive institution.

KU Leuven is growing fast, both in terms of quantity and quality, but it has never lost sight of the fact that it is, at its core, a dedicated community of people. Warm, inspiring and uniquely lively."

Website: www.kuleuven.be