EuropaNostra reneissanceThe Venice Call to Action: "For a New European Renaissance" was presented on the occasion of the European Heritage Policy Agora held on 24 September at the Giorgio Cini Foundation. The Venice Call to Action makes a strong plea to European leaders at all levels of governance as well as to all heritage actors to duly integrate the transformative power of culture and cultural heritage among the strategic priorities for the reshaping of our societies. 

It puts forward 12 concrete and actionable proposals – as a direct contribution by Europa Nostra and its network – that aim at unleashing the potential of cultural heritage for the European Green Deal, the New European Bauhaus and the forthcoming 2022 Year of European Youth, among other key priorities of the European Union, as well as the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. Europa Nostra will convey the Venice Call to Action individually to EU leaders and widely disseminate. Translations into Italian and French and other European languages will be made available shortly.

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Source, photo: Europa Nostra