GelencserAndrasHosting the UNeECC Secretariat as an internationally recognized university seated in a prospective “European Capital of Culture” is an unrivalled opportunity that happens only once in every 20 thousand years. Accordingly, University of Pannonia holds this title in high esteem, and is deeply committed to coordinate diverse activities that build bridges between universities of different countries sharing the defining experience of being part of this future-shaping initiative.

Universities, being temporary home for thousands of educated and impressionable young people and strongholds for science and culture without borders, find themselves in the focal point of the events under the flag of the “European Capital of Culture”. Having this title is a great honour and high responsibility at the same time, and we are glad to accept both. We will carry on weaving the cloth from yarns of friendship and openness between the member universities as well as their title-bearing home towns.


                                                          András Gelencsér

                                                        University of Pannonia
                                                          Veszprém, Hungary

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