vp “New Urban Practices - Co-Create in Veszprém (ECoC 2023, Hungary)” - Training for cultural managers, designers, civic activists -18.05.2022 - 22.05.2022 - Deadline for registration: 4th April 2022

Action in public urban spaces has always been characterized by highly diverse and continuously developing forms, methods, and approaches. The recent technological developments, the pandemic, and the migration crises radically changed the way we perceive, use, and transform public spaces.

During this training, we will discover new, emergent urban practices, which adapt to the new situation and try out a diversity of hands-on methods and techniques that help to connect people and places. Being connected to the community and the environment where we live is crucial for our individual and societal wellbeing, even more in times of isolation and displacement. Therefore we are going to engage in a community co-creation process, which involves the international cultural managers as well as the local communities and the Ukrainian refugees in Veszprém.

Choosing the Hungarian city of Veszprém that will be the European Capital of Culture next year, we will observe and reflect on the activities undertaken by its community to fulfill its role. The European Capital of Culture (ECoC) program, part of the cultural policies of the European Union, places fundamental importance on participation. So does the ECoC program of Veszprém 2023, which provides the context for this training. Veszprém has an extensive Ukrainian community and cultural scene, and opened its gates for refugees.

During the training we will get to know local cultural actors, the ECoC representatives, exchange, discuss and build connections. At the same time, we will dive into the context, get to know local communities, NGO’s, and refugees, and work together with them in a participatory design process.

If you are experienced or interested in placemaking, co-creation with heterogeneous communities, working with kids and refugees, or the ECoC program, this event is for you. With the aim of exchanging knowledge and practices at this event we bring together:

● local communities (including local Ukrainian artists and refugee families) and cultural agents/organizations from Veszprém 2023 ECoC

● partners of the Erasmus+ project CE+ Cultural Educators in the Digital Era

● participants from Aveiro, Portuguese candidate city for ECoC 2027

● anyone interested in the topics of the training from other communities


● learn hands-on techniques for the co-creation of urban space with heterogeneous communities

● networking with international experts and ECoC 2023 stakeholders

● create lasting positive change in Veszprém together with the local community


DAY #1 – Gathering Arrival in Veszprém.

Gathering and afternoon walk around the city, getting to know the location and the group.The group will be composed of 25 cultural managers from different European countries along with representatives of local NGOs, who assist in joint prototyping and creative process.

DAY #2 – Getting to know the context

On the second day, we will get to know the context in more depth: we will start with an input presentation and discussion about the history and the parts of the city by the local heritage association, then we will explore the atmosphere and characteristics of the city with alternative walking techniques. In the afternoon, the Veszprém-based DEMO association will introduce their work in design education, and we can try out their hands-on techniques. Then we will meet representatives of the ECoC program, with whom we will have the opportunity to discuss the objectives, events, and possible links of the 2023 ECoC program.

DAY #3 – Prototyping ideas with the local community

On the third day, we will meet members of the local community, with whom we will rethink a problematic site in Veszprém. This will be facilitated by the kultúrAktív Association's Urbanity game, which is specifically designed for participatory processes, joint brainstorming, and discussion. During interactive, game-based workshops, we will flesh out ideas and prepare them for implementation.

DAY #4 – Co-creation with the local community

On the fourth day, we will implement the selected ideas developed the previous day with the help of the DEMO Association. In small groups with representatives of local NGOs, local residents, children, and refugee families you can build, create, and organize the area, and make a video of the process.

DAY #5 – Evaluation and outlook

On the morning of the fifth day, we will evaluate the training together, and discuss the way forward. In the afternoon it is time for departure.

CE+ Meeting Hosts: kultúrAktív Association (HU)

KultúrAktív is a public benefit non-governmental organization dedicated to sensitizing children and young people to the built environment. We organize activities that inspire youth to discover, observe, and understand their immediate and extended environment, and to participate in shaping it. Our activities also strengthen local identity and encourage the participants to take responsibility for the built environment.

4iS - AAAUA Association (PT) 4iS – Plataforma para a Inovação Social is an NGO based at the University of Aveiro Alumni Association – Portugal that aims to create a social value culture supported on social innovation practices through knowledge transfer, services, projects, and social enterprises. It works as consultant and promoter of local and community-based projects in Portugal’s central and north region, and promoter/coordinator of several European networks such as: EUniverCities – URBACT, TANDEM EUROPE, VivaCidade – Actors of Urban Change, CityToolBox – ERASMUS+, LUCity – CREATIVE EUROPE.

Local Host: Demo Association (HU) DEMO is an organization and a program, where a team of designers, university students, educators and design graduates work with children interested in handicrafts and design. Our aim is to engage children in a playful, real action-oriented activity and develop their visual and environmental competencies. For 15 years we have been organizing design-based programs that develop basic visual literacy: animation, graphics, media, design, photography, architecture, form and object design, ceramics, textiles, and jewelry design for educational and prevention purposes.

Application form: https://form.jotform.com/220694436460053