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Elefsina (or Eleusis as was the name of the town until recently) a city of 50,000 inhabitants, is renowned for its ancient history as well as for its more recent industrial development. It constitutes the administrative centre of the wider area of Western Attica, just 20km from Athens.

Elefsina resembles an old manuscript. The history engraved on it repeated layers of writing, composing in the centuries’ run a long and enchanting novel. Flourishing settlements, fortifications and spaces of religious worship were developed in this place during the whole antiquity but also in modern times. This historical duration is easily interpreted because of the favourable situation of the town, a vital point from where main road arteries pass and connect Attica to the rest of Greece. At the same time, its harboursecured from the winds in a closed gulf, constitutes an exit of marine communication and a node of transit trade.