Then, during the Enlightenment period, the city has witnessed outstanding economic, cultural and social development. Light is also about the civic energy of its people as in 1989 the sparks of Revolution against the communist totalitarian regime were first ignited in Romania, in Timisoara. Therefore, the slogan Shine your Light – Light Up Your City is about their values to spread in Europe for an open minded, visionary attitude.


The oldest building in Timișoara is Huniade Castle (built between 1308–1315 by Carol Robert de Anjou and rebuilt after the earthquake of 1443 by Ioan de Hunedoara), located in the heart of the city. Inside the castle you will find the exhibits and exhibitions of the Banat Museum, an excellent location for information on the past. The historic center of Timișoara, where the castle is located, has a system consisting of three urban markets, unique in Romania, each market presenting dimensions, plastic solutions and architectural styles with an important historical value.

The parks, many of which are located on the banks of the Bega River, offer relaxing places in nature and shady and cool locations during the hot summer days. Due to them, Timișoara is also known as the “city of flowers”.

Timișoara also has a range of offers for cultural tourism. With a long multicultural tradition, many cultural events are held here, hosted either in the squares and parks of the city, or by specialized institutions such as the Romanian Opera, the Banat Philharmonic, the House of Culture, the “Mihai Eminescu” National Theater, the German Theater, the Magiar Theater, the Theater of dolls. The offer of museums and art galleries is commensurate with the city‘s antiquity and multiculturalism: the Art Museum, the Banat Museum, the Military Museum, the Banat Village Museum, the Communist Consumer Museum and many others.


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