Veszprém (60,000 inhabitants) is one of the oldest urban areas in Hungary, and a city with county rights. It lies approximately 15 km north of the Lake Balaton.
The historic centre of Veszprém is the castle, which - together with the surrounding town - was one of the significant centre of our country until the Turkish occupation: it was the King’s and Queen’s seat and an episcopal seat. The medieval castle and town suffered large-scale destruction in the Turkish period. The present-day historic town evolved during the town development constructions of the 18-19 th and the early 20 th century.

The name of his bidbook is: Beyond. They wish to invite their fellow citizens to go beyond, on both a personal and a community level; to shake off their inhibitions and self-imposed limitations and become more involved in the creative, cultural and community activities of the city. They want to invite all citizens to go beyond their provincial mind-set and to stop seeing Veszprém, the Balaton and the various towns and villages that belong to the region as separate entities, but as bound together in what is already a strong and contiguous European cultural space.
Veszprém is a small city in the heart of the Bakony-Balaton region in Hungary. With the title they want to prove that a small city can live a life where being a Veszprémer, a Balatoner, and a European citizen are fundamentally intertwined. They hope that a successful 2023 will help Veszprém to become an exciting destination, a new cultural-creative hub within Europe. 

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