bodo2024Bodø will be European Capital of Culture 2024. "Bodø’s bid is titled ARCTICulation, a title developed from the terms arctic, art, culture and communication. From a cold war target to a European cultural hub. We are articulating an arctic perspective on today and tomorrow through borderless culture. With respect for our histories, the land and the sea, aiming for new horizons."


gorizia2025"In December 2020 Nova Gorica & Gorizia convinced the international jury with our GO! Borderless story and vision and have since been nominated as Slovene European Capital of Culture 2025. Nova Gorica and Gorizia strive and dwell together: dived by wars, but untied by friendship and intense cooperation, the two cities set for themselves the ambitious goal to become a cross-border European Capital of Culture."

chemnitz2025The German city, Chemnitz is going to be the European Capital of Culture in 2025. "The tension between identity and change is a central European issue. Chemnitz has always been characterized by upheavals, is a city of modernity as well as a city that stands for dialogue and participation. Culture is of central importance in this context. It contributes significantly to the quality of life and is also an important location factor."

olulu2026Oulu is going to be the European Capital of Culture in 2026. "Together on Oulu’s journey there are 32 municipalities from Northern Finland. With co-operation we want to bring to the North more culture and wellbeing, create new jobs and develop our region.”