timisoara2023Situated near the borders with Hungary and Serbia, Timisoara, the capital city of the Banat region, is preparing to become the European Capital of Culture in 2023. The theme of Light has been spotted as the central idea of transforming the city through culture and participation. Its meaning goes back to the city’s history, back in 1884, when Timisoara was the first city on continental Europe to have electric street lightening.

elefsina2023The image of Elefsina as a city that has been hit hard by industry, remains dominant in public perception. 2023 ELEVSIS European Capital of Culture seeks to unveil the invisible side of Elefsina, marking a new era for the city and its transition to a new model of development, focusing on its dynamic cultural assets. 2023 ELEVSIS focuses on four strategic objectives: Culture, People, City, Environment.

badischl2024After Graz 2003 and Linz 2009, Bad Ischl will be Austria's third European Capital of Culture in 2024. Bad Ischl is a spa town with a population of approximately 15 000. It campaigned for the ECoC title as the Salzkammergut region. (The bid included a total of 21 municipalities from the region). The theme of the region’s bid was “Salt and Water as DNA.” The aim was to rejuvenate the region’s cultural life with the necessary pinch of salt and the power of water. Another goal is to develop the area’s tourism industry towards a more sustainable direction.

tartu2024Tartu will be European Capital of Culture in 2024. "ARTS OF SURVIVAL is the leading theme of our Tartu 2024 bid books and our artistic concept. It is meant to express the power of the arts in affecting Europe’s future in three larger areas of life: environmentally friendly culture with a focus on real human communication, strong communities and essential skills for living and, indeed, survival in the coming years."